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How GabrielsVault Works

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Using GabrielsVault is simple:

Create your message icon

Create your message

Create an account and select the appropriate storage package for your needs.

Upload content to your Library and come back at any point to edit your message.

Schedule Delivery icon

Schedule delivery

The flexible scheduling functionality in GabrielsVault enables you to pick any delivery date — next week, next month or years in the future — for your special message.

Set a delivery date that gives your message exactly the impact it deserves.

Message Shared

Message shared

On the scheduled date, your message will be delivered to the recipient via our secure email service.

Emails messages can be read directly by the recipient. For Audio and Video messages, recipients are linked back to GabrielsVault to ensure clear playback.

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Deliver Your Legacy to Those You Love

Sending messages into the future creates many opportunities to bring joy to family members on important dates. One way users benefit from GabrielsVault is the ability to send voices, images or generational stories to loved help soften their grief, smile, or remember a forgotten story told in your own voice, at a time when they may need you most. GabrielsVault's proprietary Legacy functionality enables clients to record private messages, store them securely and select delivery at an important date in the future.

Review our quick tutorials on the creation process

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