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Why we started GabrielsVault.com

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Memories are part of our everyday lives. At any time, a moment and an experience combine to create a lasting impact. Unfortunately, over time, pieces of important memories fade. The nervous energy on your engagement night, the sound of your spouse’s voice saying “good morning”, the quiet comfort of your Mom’s soothing words or your Dad’s confidence-infusing advice can all fade over time and are often what we would give anything to hear again…especially at times when we need them the most.

These memories are irreplaceable, and as I get older, my awareness of them increases - even as they fade. Following my own father’s death, my mother missed hearing my dad’s familiar voice and the way it had filled our home with conversation. I, too, find myself trying to remember the subtleties of his voice asking me “How goes the battle?” My three boys routinely ask me to repeat stories of our family, and I am sure there will be a day when they struggle to remember the backstories of the nicknames I gave them. Or maybe they won’t struggle trying to remember my voice, but will my voice be there for them when it will be most needed?

GabrielsVault was conceived thinking about the past, but, in turn, we built a platform to easily capture our most treasured moments to send them into the future. To capture today what can be even more important tomorrow, when delivery of that message or memory to the right person at the right time can amplify its meaning. With the use of our resources, GabrielsVault helps you strengthen relationships with people who are most important to you. Along with our users, I’ve begun creating, storing and scheduling surprise messages into the near and distant future for my wife, children, friends, and even great-grandchildren I may never meet. I hope someday my family will smile at hearing reflections of my favorite moments with them. And, whether I’m fortunate enough to be here or not, they may take comfort in my voice and always know how important they were in my life.

There never seems to be enough time to convey those important things to people who matter to each of us, or possibly the timing just isn’t right. GabrielsVault is a platform that gives you time to prepare, then lets you pick the method and better yet – the moment to deliver a smile to someone’s face in the future.