Step 3: Message Delivery

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You've created a meaningful message and set a delivery date. Now what?


Now, the delivery mechanism of GabrielsVault takes over. Your message will be securely stored until the delivery date and time arrives. Once it does, an email - with your personally selected cover photo and written email message - will be sent.

Email Inbox with Email from GabrielsVault


After opening the email, your recipient will be directed to a secure page on the GabrielsVault site where your complete message and any accompanying attachments await.

Email Screen with Included Attachments


From this secure delivery page on GabrielsVault, your recipient can view and download the files. We also provide an easy way for recipients to save these attachments to their own devices or set up a GabrielsVault account, providing a seamless way to continue to share a family legacy.

Attachments Screen with Tooltip

We will ensure delivery of your message at the pre-determined date and time. Please keep in mind that when your recipient actually accesses the message may depend on when they look at their phone or email.

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