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Capturing A Legacy

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Diane's father has been such a positive influence in her brothers and sisters lives' that she wants to be sure his influence continues through to the next generation.

While her father has shared some of his stories, Diane knows that there are plenty that haven't been fully told. It's important to her that her kids, her nieces and nephews understand their family history and she's going to work with her father to share this legacy.

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    Record messages and stories for generations.
    Diane used the interview guides of GabrielsVault to help organize a series of discussions with her Dad. Diane wanted to make her Dad comfortable, and learned that engaging her daughter and nieces would put him at ease in these informal discussions. They used the high quality of her cell phone audio recorder to capture these interviews around the dining room table where so many meals had been shared over decades. Once they were recorded, she easily uploaded them to her GabrielsVault account, where she gave each one a meaningful title.
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    Set up delivery to appropriate recipients.
    Diane selected a broad group of family members to receive these interviews and chose a delivery date that would provide the best impact - her father's birthday. She hopes the family will enjoy listening to a bit of family history, encourage more conversation, and celebrate a man they'll all know a little better.

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