Step 2: Setting a Delivery

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Maria knows the daily routine of her family well. She relishes those everyday moments and wants her family to know that she's thinking of them often — even when the demands of her military commitment draw her away. While missing milestones and special moments with her family is unavoidable, she uses GabrielsVault to help her stay close to home in spirit.


Choose to create or upload a previously stored message — text, audio or video. Open the Scheduling Wizard to set up delivery.

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Our platform walks you through the quick steps to schedule the date and time you choose to automatically deliver your message. Delivery is ensured, even years into the future. Your intended recipient will receive your message at that time, and you will receive confirmation it was delivered.

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That's it! GabrielsVault delivery functionality is flexible, and allows emails, letters, audio and video recordings. Maria uses any free time she has and the automated delivery functionality within GabrielsVault to ensure that she can "be there," if not in person, then certainly in spirit, and her family will know she is thinking of them.