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Capture your message

Eric is planning to propose to Maureen Saturday night. He wants to capture his own nervous energy and (hopefully) Maureen's yes. By recording the event, he is using GabrielsVault to store the message until the wedding date is set, and will send her this recording to be delivered early on their wedding morning as a surprise, and on every anniversary thereafter.

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Set a delivery date,
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Maria will be re-deployed soon and has been preparing for her time away. She wants to be sure she can "be there" for several key moments over the next few months. She has recorded messages for her daughter's first day in a new school, an emotional anniversary message to her husband, and several bedtime stories to share with her son while she's away. Using GabrielsVault, Maria scheduled them to be delivered automatically on those important dates.

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Making a lasting impact

Diane knew many stories about her Dad, but never heard the backstory from the man himself. She asked if she could sit down for a few mornings over coffee and capture the key moments that influenced him and the rest of the family. Though she readily admitted to being an audio neophyte, GabrielsVault's online template ideas gave her the guidance and direction she needed to easily organize, outline and create her interview. She captured a long and impactful life that encompassed his first job, his time in the Navy, and the night he met her Mom.

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