Frequently Asked Questions

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Working with

Our subscription model is designed to eliminate any advertising on our platform. We therefore do not share any client information, nor information pertaining to stored messages nor anything else regarding your account with any 3rd party marketing firms. GabrielsVault may share information with partner firms in order to facilitate the administration of your account such as payment processing, delivery notifications, etc.

GabrielsVault uses encryption in storing your registration as well as your messages and content. To ensure delivery of messages, we capture, store and synchronize each message in 5 separate geophraphic locations simultaneously. At each site, the information is encrypted while stored on the network.

Payment Processing

Fees for the program are a low monthly or annual fee. We offer several packages, all of which offer the ability to use multiple media types in sending messages into the future. Packages start as low as $20 per year, and every package provides full access to all services including our Legacy delivery process.

Yes, prospective clients can choose the Try Our Service button, and will have full access to the site for 30 days, providing the ability to store content up to 30MB and deliver future messages over the next 30 days. You will be able to see both sides of the delivery process.

At registration you will be asked to provide your preferred payment details. Depending on the package and payment option you choose, either each month or each year we will automatically debit the account listed for the annual subscription amount, and send an email confirmation so that your payment is confirmed to you.

Visit the "Account and Billing" page from the User Dashboard for an overview of your vault storage and the renewal details.
On your Dashboard Summary Page, we illustrate the vault size you have selected as well as the amount of storage you have used. Click on the upgrade link to increase the vault to accommodate larger media files.

Log into the Account Dashboard, and click on the Account and Billing tab on the top right corner. Then select "Cancel your account." We will send you a confirmation email to the email address we have on record.

You can terminate your account at any time. If the auto-renewal is cancelled, accounts will automatically be deleted 60 days following the cancellation. You can remove any media files to your permanent storage on your own hardware or on the cloud. Please remember any messages scheduled to be delivered following a termination will not be delivered.

Getting the most out of your Vault

Our scheduling software can store messages for delivery decades in the future.  The automated subscription service facilitates payment automatically, but only after we pre-notify you each year.

We understand that the "right" media can elicit different emotions, and we flexibly support numerous file formats for personal letters, photos, audio files and video files.  We intend to keep up-to-date with technological advancements to support all types of messages users might want to create.

Our subsciption levels accommodate a variety of options, designed for different budgets and different expected uses of media. We have a very sophisticated process to ensure the quality of any large video files are maintained during the delivery process.

Yes, you can either create messages and hold them for future use or begin to create a message, such as a letter, and subsequently hold that message in DRAFT status while you continue to edit it to get the message just right.  When you're ready, simply select the message from your vault, select a recipient and schedule a delivery day/time.

Any file can be uploaded to your content library to use in a future delivery. GV allows you to store any file quality for video, but keep in mind the size of storage used by 1080p is twice that of 720p and doubles the consumption of bandwidth when playing it. To keep costs low and reduce bandwidth utilization for the recipient, GabrielsVault plays video at 720p, but allows download at the max rate recorded.

On the day and time requested, our secure servers will deliver your message to the email address you referenced. Once delivered, you will receive a confirmation that it was sent. Your account dashboard is designed to illustrate all phases of a message, including that it was delivered and changes to confirm that the message was viewed so there is no confusion. GabrielsVault monitors any undelivered messages and sends you an email if a problem occurred due to an incorrect email address.

You can stop any message from being delivered by simply clicking on the pencil to edit it, and subsequently changing its status in your Message Summary page. This is done by clicking on the status box and changing from "Scheduled for Delivery" to "DRAFT," and this can be done up to 15 minutes prior to the scheduled delivery time.

Yes.  Each day that a delivery has been sent, we will inform you that it was delivered and again when it has been opened so that you know exactly when the message was received.
All messages in "Scheduled" status can be accessed through the Dashboard page. 
Yes, to ensure that your messages are delivered, please select the "Legacy" option for your account.

As files are uploaded into your GabrielsVault account, we compress them for storage and improved play back when streaming. Depending on the type and size of the file being uploaded, this process may actually reduce the size of the file, enabling you to upload more files into your vault.

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