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It’s not easy to have to say goodbye. Truthfully, I’d rather not. But I have to tell you very, very...

As Doug says goodbye

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Doug is terminal. He received his diagnosis 4 months ago and, after working through the expected flood of emotions – anger, fear, denial, helplessness, etc. – he has arrived at a sort of peace.

However, his family and close friends have not. For them, this journey doesn’t end. It will just continue without Doug. While he knows that there are no precise words that he can say to make his death easier for them, he wants to leave them with some touchstones of kindness that may soften the blow.

He is using Gabriel’s Vault to write letters to the people whose friendship, love and support have so much to him. More, in fact, than they could imagine and than Doug has told them.

When thinking about when these letters should be delivered, Doug decided on January 1st of next year. His family and friends know how much Doug enjoys the symbolism of a fresh start and the opportunities that a new year brings. His hope is that receiving these letters on that day will provide some solace during their first full year without him, as well as during the years to come.