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Overview of the Legacy Process

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Why use the GabrielsVault Legacy Delivery process?

The period following the death of someone close can be a lonely time for family & close friends, and even more lonely when one's support network has returned to the demands of everyday life. With GabrielsVault, you have an opportunity to soften what will be a sad and confusing time in their lives by sharing your voice, your personality, a story you both enjoy, or provide support and guidance at critical times in their lives. Providing a sweet message of hope, thanks or appreciation for how important they have been in your life, can help someone on a day when they need it the most. Using GabrielsVault as the platform to deliver these important messages will ensure their safe keeping and ensure delivery at a time in the future that you choose.

What is Future Delivery vs. Legacy Delivery?

We've taken a complex process and made it simple by automatically delivering messages on a chosen date in the future, or following verification of someone's death. Because we know your messages are intended to be private, all are encrypted and stored in five separate geographic locations for further security. GabrielsVault (GVault) can deliver your messages months or many years into the future using either of the following two methods.

(1) Future Delivery which delivers at a specific date and time of your choosing, or
(2) Legacy Delivery, an automated process which works on your behalf to deliver individual personal messages to family and friends, weeks or months following your passing. When Legacy Delivery is selected, our platform combs thousands of database sources in the verification process, and further verifies personal information prior to delivery.

How Does Legacy Delivery Work?

Developed by a team of software engineers, Legacy Delivery employs a 3-step process. GabrielsVault uses sophisticated automation through integration with more than 3,200 databases, including nationwide media and obituary databases. We employ a 2nd step to verify deaths using the Federal Government's Social Security Death Master File. The DMF, as it is referred to, is used by the Social Security Administration to verify reported deaths and manage its financial reconciliation process, and is used extensively across the pension and insurance industries. The 3rd step is optional for you, and involves information you provide securely if you select Legacy Delivery for a particular message.

If all three steps confirm a Vault owner's death, the messages marked as Legacy Delivery will be sent to the people you care about on the schedule you chose.