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I smile when I think of my great grandchildren cooking with my recipes some day!

Nana's Recipes

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Nana Carmela has been cooking since she can remember. Her kitchen is a warm and welcoming place where there is always room at the table - no matter who stops by or when. She learned to cook standing side-by-side with her own Nana and mother and has been refining and inventing recipes ever since. While she primarily cooks from memory, she has bundle after bundle of recipes written on index cards in her own hand that will someday be a beloved legacy.

Carmela taught her daughter to cook and knows that her daughter will someday share those recipe cards with her cherished grandchildren, but she worries that they won’t have the same flour and tomato filled memories that come from sharing the same kitchen and touching elbows with your Nana. After all, they don’t live near and while their visits often involve a meal, there isn’t enough opportunity to actually demonstrate the love that goes into each of those index cards.

With the help of GabrielsVault, Carmela has started recording her own little cooking show from the comfort of her own kitchen. She’s been having so much fun doing this and plans to store these recipes (along with scans of her handwritten index cards) on GabrielsVault and schedule them to be received on her grandchildren’s 20th birthdays. She can’t wait to hear their reactions and knows they will someday be a treasured legacy to be passed down to their own children…so that the joy of cooking never ends!