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Be There When You Can't

April 02, 2019

Dear William:
If this works the way it's supposed to, today is your 18th birthday.  Why do I sound unsure?  Because I'm actually writing this many years in the past - in 2019, and you'll be receiving it in 2034.
Yes, as I write this, you are only 3 years old.  Watching you grow from newborn until now has already made me the happiest grandmother in the world.  I love watching you learn new things and helping you learn new things.  I've read you many stories and there are many more yet to tell.  But you know, I've already lived a long and happy life, and I just don't know if I'll be here to share the kinds of things I'd like to share with you when you become an adult.  So that's why I'm putting my thoughts for you down today.
First, I want to say that I know your parents will raise you right, and I hope you never, ever forget the lessons they teach you.  Of course, the main lesson is to always treat people the way you hope to be treated.  Stick with that even when life becomes complicated or hard.
Second, never be afraid of hard work.  So many things that are wonderful in life are the result of practice, effort and even sweat!
Third, you must remember to believe in yourself.  Have courage and confidence even when others doubt you.  And keep moving forward.
Well, I could go on, but since life can get complicated, maybe it's better to stick with those few simple beliefs that have guided me - so, if I am here to celebrate your 18th birthday with you, then we can sit down and talk about many things, but if God has other plans for me, just know that I love you and will always want only the best for you.
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