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Diane Wins 2019!

January 13, 2019

Like many of us, Diane starts out most years with a list of resolutions, typically involving health, wealth, and relationships. But all too often, once life gets in the way, she finds that sticking with her plans, despite the best of intentions, is easier said than done.

This year, though, Diane has already jumpstarted her goal of deepening her relationships with friends and family – with some help from Gabrielsvault.

Over the course of one recent cold, wet evening, Diane organized important “dates to remember” including birthdays and anniversaries of her loved ones. She saved them in her private Gabrielsvault account. That process even inspired Diane to write personal messages to the recipients.

Now, her most meaningful correspondence will be automatically shared when it matters most. No more last minute scrambling, no more “belated” congratulations, no more missed holiday greetings.

Of course, Diane can always go into her Gabrielsvault account and easily edit or update her messages if she chooses, but if she’s happy with her messages, she doesn’t need to do anything to insure that they get sent at just the right time.

That’s a big win! Now, about those other resolutions…

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