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  • Organizer | 1GB Storage

    Use your free time to “be there” at an important time
    $25 /yr Select
    What can I do with 1GB storage?
  • Storyteller | 3GB Storage

    Capture important moments and send them into the future
    $40 /yr Select
    What can I do with 3GB storage?
  • Family Historian | 15GB Storage

    Start planting your family tree now using all of life’s stories
    $50 /yr Select
    What can I do with 15GB storage?

Which plan is best for you?

1GB 3GB 15GB
Wishing you had sent that message when you had the time. Have the best intention, but life gets in a way?
Want to stay connected with family and friends on important dates—“being there” when you can’t be there.
Want your grandchildren (and their grandchildren) to know more about you and where they come from.
Wonder where life will bring you in the future and remind yourself of where you’ve been.
Travel often and want to have bedtime stories delivered at just the right time when you are away?
Want to record family stories and have them delivered each month automatically when you choose?
You take more pictures of your growing children than you know what to do with and want to start organizing all media to create a fun “story of their life.”
You’ve wanted to capture your parents’ history through a video journal and share them for generations to come.