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The day I met your Mom was the luckiest day of my life!

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Jane captures her family's history

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Jane is typical of today’s “sandwich” generation, who are watching their parents age at the same time they watch their own children grow. She knows how fortunate she has been to have her parents here to be a part of their lives and delights in the joy the children get in listening to her parents’ stories of their lives as a young family. She also worries that these stories will become harder to remember when they are gone.

To ensure these stories are captured for the next generation, Jane decides to videotape her parents telling many of these stories. But how to start the process? And more importantly, how to make them comfortable in the process?

After discussing the idea with her parents, who immediately agree to participate, Jane visits the Templates and Guides section of GabrielsVault to get tips regarding how to set up the interview, develop learned through the interview guides how to unlock new stories of her family. Those questions led to some great new stories that Jane had never heard!

She is so excited to save these videos to GabrielsVault where they will be securely stored and delivered for future viewing by the family and future generations!