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Alright Sweetie…Are you ready for our story…Once upon a time

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Because Bedtime Stories Can't Wait

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Michael has to travel for business frequently. While he enjoys his work, being away from his wife and children so often can be a challenge. With a lot of compromise and careful planning, he and his wife have done their best to ensure that their kids never feel like they come second.

To keep family connections strong, Michael makes a point of staying in touch while he’s away. He uses video chat and phone calls to catch up on the family’s daily activities and updates, but there are some family traditions that international travel can put a wedge in, especially his youngest daughter’s nightly bedtime story. But, it’s been their special time together since she was a baby and it’s not something Michael will allow his travel to interrupt.

With the help of GabrielsVault, Michael uses his time on airport layovers to record himself reading a series of stories and has scheduled them to be delivered at 7pm EST each night of his trip-regardless of the time where he is at that moment. His daughter looks forward to jumping into bed at the same time, pulling up the covers and settling in for a bedtime story with her daddy. It may not be the same as cuddling up together but she never feels forgotten and it makes the nights they spend in person all the more special.