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Boys, I know you already planned to do so, but today is your Abuelo’s birthday…call him! He’d love to hear from you. Xoxo

Mother knows Best

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Isabella’s two boys, Max and Christian, are both away at college. The boys have always been extremely close with their large extended family and the boys moving away took some getting used to for everyone. So much so that Isabella suspects her dad might be going through empty nest syndrome along with her. While technology makes it easy for the boys to send a quick text or two during the week, phone calls are more of a rarity. This radio silence reminds Isabella, somewhat guiltily, about when she was away at school and would find that two weeks had slipped by without calling her own parents. As a result, she is more tolerant about their lapses in memory (to a point), but worries more about how their grandfather feels when he hasn’t heard from them for some time.

Isabella has already been using GabrielsVault to send surprise messages, pictures and videos to the boys at school, when they need a little pick me up or reminder of home. Since the boys are always happy when they open her messages, she quickly saw a great solution to remind Max and Christian to keep in touch with their Abuelo! At the beginning of the year, Isabella now not only creates and schedules her own messages for her relative’s birthdays, anniversaries and special occasions, but she also schedules reminders to be delivered to her boys on the same date.

Her notes to the boys lets them know what the special day is and includes their relative’s phone number. When they receive the reminder, they simply make a call and share their stories. Isabella knows that this process helps to reinforce the importance of family and looks forward to a day when the boys will do this all on their own!