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By The GabrielsVault Team

We Are The Curators Of Our Own Lives

February 17, 2018

As a card-carrying baby-boomer, I’ve lived most of my life in the ancient pre-social media age. When I remember the many good times of my life, I sometimes wish it would have been as easy, back in the day, to document such times for posterity as it is today; though, truth be told, there are many instances that were probably best left unrecorded. I’m especially grateful that selfies weren’t a thing during my awkward early teen years!

Nevertheless, We know that precious memories of family, friends, pets, and events all live in those dusty albums and shoeboxes tucked away in our attics. Like may of my peers, I’ve made some attempts to organize and share these treasures with loved ones and friends from long ago.

Technology has made it easier to gather, sort and store these memories. But to me, things have fallen short when it comes to figuring out how best to share them. Dumping a bunch of photos into a Facebook album just never seemed to do justice to those treasured memories.

That’s why the future delivery aspect of GabrielsVault is so appealing to me. I can dedicate time to the gathering and sorting when it suits me (and this in and of itself can be a fun and fulfilling hobby) but now I find that thinking about choosing the best time to deliver those memories - can make the recipient’s reaction much more powerful.

Here’s an example: In an old shoebox of memories, I found some ticket stubs from concerts I attended during the 1970’s and 1980’s. Aside from marveling at the low prices (Jethro Tull orchestra seats at Madison Square Garden for $11.00!!!), the stubs brought back a flood of memories — good times shared with great friends. Though separated by great gulfs of time, and in some cases, geography, I still cherish those relationships as my “true friends.” We just don’t speak every day.

I photographed some of those old stubs and thought to share them with some of the friends I attended the shows with. As I prepared to send them, I realized that on many of the stubs, the concert date was still visible, so I used GabrielsVault’s future delivery process to set up the message delivery, including photos and brief anecdotes, to occur on the anniversaries of those old shows. Now I have a stream of messages that automatically occur on meaningful dates.

I tend to think that if I had just gathered all the old stubs and sent them to my friends in one fell swoop, it would have sparked maybe a few “likes” but not much else. But by slowing down, curating the messages and tying them back to the actual concert anniversaries, my friends and I have opened up new, ongoing conversations, enhancing and deepening those long-cherished relationships. Several of us are even planning to meet and attend some upcoming concerts — though we’re unlikely to find any $11 shows this time!

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