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New Year's Resolutions from Gabrielsvault

December 26, 2018

Make your birthday and anniversary messages stand out
All too often, important dates like birthdays, anniversaries and other milestones creep up on us. Don't be caught adding another generic birthday greeting to those who matter most. Instead, use Gabrielsvault to create your message when inspiration strikes and automatically send your message in the future, at just the right time.

Reconnect with an old friend
Sure, you're "friends" on social media, but when was the last time you shared a thoughtful message? Don't let those warm memories grow distant and dim. Take the initiative and reach out with a message from Gabrielsvault. You might have a picture commemorating a special event, or perhaps just a memory of a special time you both hold dear. Gabrielsvault makes it easy to organize, store and share your message at just the right time to rekindle the friendship you knew would last forever.

Improve how you use social media
So much of social media is like fast food: designed for instant consumption, and not very nutritious! With Gabrielsvault you can create, edit and curate your thoughts, then share them when they matter most - you decide the best day and time for them to be received.

Share a Life Lesson
There have been moments in your life that shaped who you are. Chances are, there are people in your life reaching milestones or facing issues that can benefit from understanding your experience - perhaps a child or grandchild entering the workforce, or moving to a new city. Take a moment to think through what you could say to help a loved one through that challenging time, and use gabrielsvault to create and share that message just when it's needed.

Start your Own Story
Make this the year you begin to organize, curate and develop the story of you. With Gabrielsvault, you can begin building your story with text, photos and video, stored in your secure personal vault, then share it when and with whom you decide.

From all of us at GabrielsVault, we wish you a year filled with happiness and joy.

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