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How Grandma's Love Always Gets There Right When It's Needed

November 18, 2018

Hard to believe, but my grandson will soon turn sixteen. If I could, I’d still spend every day with him and his sister, but since my daughter and her husband moved several states away, each visit is precious, and my heart swells with pride whenever I see what fine young adults they are becoming. In fact, I just returned from an extended visit, and it’s likely that I won’t see them again for several months at least – far too long!

While I was there, his mom reminded me that in a few months, he will even begin learning to drive! He’s growing up too fast – but it’s a wonderful reminder that life goes on. On the way home, I remembered an old picture taken when he was three or four years old. He’s sitting in his red pedal-driven toy car that was his favorite for several years.

As soon as I got home, I dug out my old albums and found that photo. I remembered that day vividly, even though it was many years ago - the smile on his face radiated pure joy. I knew right away that I would send him that photo with a note of encouragement for this exciting new chapter in his life.

But when I sat down to organize my thoughts, I found that my joy was mixed with some apprehension – would he be safe? Would his new-found freedom mean there would be less time for grandma? So in fact, it took me several attempts to create a message that balanced the joy and pride with just the right amount of grandmotherly concern and caution. This is why I’m glad I’ve found GabrielsVault.

I digitized the photo (yes, it’s easy!) and stored it in my Vault account. I gave some thought to when I should send it and decided it would have the most impact if he received it right around the time his driving classes begin. I began composing my message; but since that day, I’ve gone back in, editing and revising until I felt it captured the essence of all the emotions I wanted to convey, knowing the story was safe in my GabrielsVault account until I decided it was ready.

It’s ready now. But I’m going to stick to my plan and send it in a few months – because I want the memory and the message to be fresh in his mind the first time he takes the wheel – and every time he drives to visit grandma!

Thank you, GabrielsVault, for making it easy.

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