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By Luke Allen

Keeping Family Food Traditions Alive

January 28, 2020

At each family holiday, you stand over the hot stovetop stirring, stirring, STIRRING until the gravy is perfect.  Holiday meals wouldn’t be the same without it. 

But the connectedness of family meal goes beyond the food... it’s the stories, the traditions. It’s all the treasured family recipes that have been passed down for generations and are a tradition at family get-togethers.

These recipes unite your family, honor your past, and help future generations celebrate your unique heritage. They are as important as any family heirloom you have.

But the younger generation isn’t using recipe cards anymore, so what's the best way to pass on your cherished recipes?

Deliver Your Family Recipes Just When They'll Be Most Appreciated - Using the GabrielsVault app:

GabrielsVault is a time machine in your pocket – an app to capture and share what's important to you with those you love – in the future.  You can pre-schedule the delivery of your family recipes to be delivered automatically just prior to the holidays so they’ll always know that Grandma’s help arrives just when they need it. You can send copies of your recipe cards, photos of the dish, a recording of your voice giving step-by-step instructions, even a video showing exactly how it’s done.

Here's How GabrielsVault Helps:

GabrielsVault is easy to use. In just a few steps you can download the app, add your media files and begin sending messages into the future.

With the GabrielsVault app you can easily add a library of recipes, pictures, audio and video files.

It’s easy to upload your files, add your recipients’ contact information, and schedule your delivery for a perfect moment to share generations of history at just the right time.

How you use GabrielsVault is up to you. For a fun activity at each holiday, how about making a video of your family preparing your favorite dishes? Then you can send them the video file with a copy of your handwritten recipe card so they can cherish the special memories you made together in the kitchen.

And hopefully, get the gravy right.

What family food traditions do you want to share with the future?


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