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Be A Friend Today

March 22, 2020


Just the simple act of reaching out, can make all the difference to counter the loneliness and disruption we're all feeling due to the onset and life changes brought on by the Covid-19 virus. The self-isolation needed to flatten the coronavirus’ spread, can take a toll on even the most optimistic among us. So, reach out today and be the kind of friend we all hope to have.

GabrielsVault can help you amplify your time and with little effort you can consistently be the friend who offers that surpise lift just when it's needed.

We provide tools and ideas to help you securely create, and send messages into the future - automatically delivering your smile, a joke or a great memory to lift someone's spirits and remind them better days are ahead.  By using the power to automatically send your message through time - days, weeks or months (or years) into the future – you'll ensure you never let too much time pass without letting your loved ones know you are thinking of them.    

We hope you’ll consider making GabrielsVault a part of your plan to use your “isolation” time well.  Find and share some old photos that remind friends and family of great memories and that good times are just around the corner.  Schedule the delivery of a letter of encouragement delivered at exactly the right day and moment when you know it will surprise someone, and you'll brighten a day of someone you love.  

And just as importantly, we’ll help you by providing positive, fulfilling ideas to use your time, that will help you be the friend, brother, sister, son or daughter you always strive to be.

Be well.  Be a beacon of positivity.

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