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Get Next Year's Party Started Today

January 28, 2020

Hosting a party is a great way to bring family and friends together and there's no doubt it takes a lot of effort.  Menus, bar supplies, budget, guest lists and more all have to be considered.  Some of the trickiest events tend to be annual events like holiday feasts, summer reunion cookouts and the like, as each year you’re likely blending long-held family traditions with new ones.

Here are a few ways to use the new GabrielsVault app – “The Time Machine in Your Pocket” to make your planning easier:

  • Before your guests arrive, take pictures of your space – consider things like seating, decorations, and any bar or serving areas. These will come in handy with subequent parties as you try to remember the layout and flow that worked best.   Remember to snap picture of your timeworn, yellowing recipes that you find yourself rummaging through your drawers for every year.  
  • While the party is in swing, don’t forget to take some pictures or video of your guests enjoying themselves!


  • After the party, make a photo record of what’s left – or not – so you’ll know which dishes and beverages to bring back. You might event want to make a few notes to yourself  - For example: What was your original budget..Did you go over or stay under?  Any food allergies or diet changes that would be helpful to remember next year?  

Store your recordings (and anything else you can think of) in your GabrielsVault dashboard, and schedule a holiday planning reminder to be delivered automatically to yourself one month before the event next year.  You’ll be way ahead of making sure next year’s event captures everything that made this year’s party great.

One more tip: use some of the photos of your guests having a great time at previous parties to get them excited to do it all again!

Get next year's party started today...With the GabrielsVault App!


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