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By Anne Bost

Confessions of a Letter Lover

March 23, 2020

As a child, I remember watching my grandmother write letters. She was one of 12 siblings who were scattered all over the US. Each week, she would take time to sit at her desk and share her news with those loved ones, often sharing news from a nearby sibling with ones who lived further away and vice versa. These regular communications kept a far flung family very well connected.

When I got older and was added to the list of people who received her missives, I loved the happy surprise of seeing her robin’s egg blue stationary among my junk mail. Her letters were pages of cramped handwriting of updates on cousins, family friends, news around town and life, in general. And, if I was lucky, there might be a little bit of pocket money in there, too. Always, she wrote, “to get something just for you”.

Receiving her letters and responding in kind - my grandmother was not a phone person - instilled in me an appreciation of the thought taken in crafting a letter. The right tone to use for the occasion; casual for most news, but helpful and supportive in the face of one of life’s challenges. And timing was important. When to pop it in the mail? As quickly as possible for sharing good news, or if you were just missing someone. Or maybe wait a day or two to coincide with a special date or event. These considerations were not taken lightly.

These days, most communication is digital and immediate. No need to wait for a special occasion to say something, but also no reason to be particularly thoughtful either. 

Fortunately, Gabriesvault strikes a great balance - the ability to craft a thoughtful message when you have the time and have it delivered at a date and time that will be most impactful. Even if it’s no special date at all, just a day you want the recipient to know you’re thinking of them.

Although it won’t send along pocket money (yet!), Gabrielsvault allows you to include photos, audio and video with your messages. This idea would have flummoxed by grandmother, I’m sure, but just might dazzle yours.

Get started today! 

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