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Building a Stronger Bill

January 13, 2019

The gym is always crowded in early January, filled with people in earnest pursuit of their resolutions to “get back in shape.” But by the end of the month, the crowds have already thinned. In years’ past, Bill was no exception.

But this year, things are different. For one thing, as his doctor consistently reminds him, he knows that maintaining a health regimen becomes more important as he gets older. For another, he has put some thoughtful consideration into realistic, specific goals and plans. He’s not training for a marathon or a mountain climbing expedition, but he would like to enjoy some longer walks with his dog in the hills near his home, and he would really like to lose the 15 lbs that keep him from fitting comfortably into his favorite pair of jeans.

So Bill is using Gabrielsvault to help him stay on course. He’s listed his goals and milestones and has scheduled automatic delivery of his plan to himself each month. He could have just written them down and reviewed them periodically (like he’s done in the past), but the anticipation of receiving that next message – and learning whether he’s still on track -- helps keep his health goals top of mind.

So be on the lookout for Bill – he’ll be at the gym even when the crowds have gone – and those jeans really do make him look younger.

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