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By Luke Allen

A Timeless Anniversary Gift

January 26, 2020

There’s one day every year that you and your sweetheart get to celebrate together for reasons that are totally unique to the two of you.  Whether you're celebrating your first years together as a young couple, navigating the joys and challenges of raising young children together or enjoying the fruits of retirement with one another, lasting love is certainly something to be celebrated.  

However, as wonderful as your anniversary can be every year, it’s very possible that you are running low on ways to say, “I love you” – especially if you’ve been together for many years. While flowers and candlelit dinners are always nice, they're not necessarily the most original way to express yourself.

Fortunately, the GabrielsVault app has the tools you need to make your next wedding anniversary your most romantic yet. 

Start by preparing a message within your private vault and schedule it to be delivered to your spouse overnight so that it’s the first thing they read when they wake up in the morning and check their phone. Use this message to recount the story of when you first met. Describe how you felt after your first date.

Have a second future message delivered to your spouse during the afternoon. This time, include an audio of yourself, telling the story of the moment you knew that you wanted to marry him or her.

Prepare another message to be delivered to your spouse’s phone just as you are sitting down for dinner. In this third and final message, tell the story of your wedding day. Consider adding pictures and a recording of your wedding song in this message and be sure to let your spouse know how you felt on that very special day.

Following this process to deliver future messages throughout the day will show your spouse that you put significant time and effort into these messages. Future messages are more than just a simple, “I love you.” They demonstrate deeper thought and preparation behind the words, making the messages much more impactful for your loved ones and only YOU will know if your gift was prepared six months prior or the night before.


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