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This New Year Take 5 Minutes To Impact One Life

May 11, 2020

The end of each year gives us the opportunity to reflect and take stock of the year passed.   The arrival of January 1, however, brings an almost magical sense of renewal through new beginnings, and a sense of optimism for what lies ahead.

There's no doubt that 2020 has been a trying year for even the most optimistic among us and taking stock of what's truly important and impactful in our lives now has far more significance.   There is no one who isn't longing for the safe return to normalcy and security, and the opportunity to demonstrate how we cherish the things we may have taken for granted before 2020 - first among these is time spent with our much missed friends and family.  Thinking to the new year, 2021, I offer here a simple way each of us can make an impact to someone close, an impact which can be felt for the length of the entire year.

The GabrielsVault app allows you to say important things to those you care about at moments that are impactful to them.  By having the time and tools to create a message of optimism, you can have it scheduled and automatically delivered as the clock strikes midnight on January 1, 2021 (or every year).  The power of your support, advice, or just telling someone how proud you are of them can light the way to traverse all the challenges he or she might encounter over 2021.  Your optimism and support might even become the thing you are most recognized for.


In 3 minutes, you can write or record messages to send into the future to be automatically delivered months later just as the clock strikes Midnight on New Year’s and become a beacon that started the new year with optimism and hope. And, the great thing is you can do it all right now. 

What would you say to influence someone you love for an entire year?  

Don't worry about being prolific.  Sometimes it’s as simple as recognizing what it means to be their friend, the pride you feel as a parent, the thanks you offer for years of friendship.  For those GabrielsVault clients who've begun this process, here are some of our favorites:

  • Write a brief note or record a message that explains how proud you are of them. Few things are as touching as making pride tangible by conveying to someone what specifically you appreciate about them.  For instance, how hard they work, how they put family first, their sense of humor, or how strong they are when adversity strikes.  Be specific and mention the traits you respect, and commit to be there for them in the new year.
  • Recognize someone's stress, particularly for those who are ill, or as importantly those who provide care to the infirmed.  They need our attention.  Tell them you’re always there to help, or to share a cup of coffee and listen, and laugh if possible. True friends always seem to know when they are needed - be that friend.  

  • Re-engage by simply reaching out. As we get older, it becomes difficult to actively maintain friendships or the sense of community we all cherish, particularly during these past few months of COVID-19.  The start of a new year is a great time to convey you want to renew the bonds.  Remind them of a great memory spent together, and commit to create some more this new year.   Developing a social network is not as hard if you create opportunities to reach out and be present.  Using unique dates such as New Year’s, a birthday, or a holiday.  A friend of mine is known for sending out the Declaration of Independence in advance of the 4th of July.
  • Interrupt the loneliness of one person, and if you can convey you are thinking of them this new year, then that one single moment can affect the happiness of that person for much longer than the moment itself. Each of us has moments of despair as we are trapped within our own thoughts, and isolation only distorts those thoughts.  By reaching out to a single lonely person you will not only change their thoughts, but you will improve your own.  There is no greater sense of purpose than helping others. Be the friend you always wanted to be. 

All of us at GabrielsVault wish for you and your family safety and health for the remainder of this year, and as you look forward to what we all hope is a fantastic New Year filled with good memories, we hope you take time to invest time into your friendships so that they can last a lifetime.

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